where can I get a Las Vegas happy ending massage

For ages I wondered where I could get a happy ending massage in Las Vegas.  Let me tell you folks, I have solved this mystery!  I first thought I needed to look for some kinda ran down china town massage parlor.  After a few attempts I realized it was one of two things.  Either they had no idea what I was talking about, or played dumb.  Or two they would sorta nod and ask for $200 or more!

Now I was either left upset, one way or another.  So I turned to online searches for erotic massages in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I soon found out most services where outcall, not incall.  This means they prefer to come to the customers location, and leave once they are done.  I was then worried about inviting some young sexy Asian girl over to my house.

I soon realized most people rent hotel rooms, and this worked out to be the best idea.  After searching online, I found the best looking website with a video and everything.  It explained the difference between Nuru massages and Tantra massages.  So with all this research, I proceeded to call a girl over to my room.  Once she showed up, I was very shy but determined.  Once it started, I soon realized this was exactly what I was seeking.  She was fully nude, and rubbing her body all over my body.  The feeling was honestly better than sex!  I for sure will be calling again!!!